Bain D'espritTM Bath Collection Lavender Vanilla

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Bain D'espritTMBath Collection - Lavender Vanilla - The gift of ultimate pampering after a long day. As you soak away layer after layer of stress, the soft and warming aroma of Lavender and Vanilla relax and surround you with a feeling of well-being. Set includes 18 items:

  • Potpourri, Body Powder,
  • Bath Confetti,
  • Body Bar,
  • Bath Crystals,
  • 3 Bath Fizzies,
  • Shower Gel,
  • Body Wash,
  • Cream Bath,
  • Body Scrub,
  • Body Lotion,
  • Body Butter,
  • Hand Cream,
  • Slippers (fits most),
  • Oval Massager,
  • Bath Poof,
  • Ceramic Jar (not for food use), in a Rattan Basket